11/4 Tennis News 

Djokovic Reign as Number 1 Could be Over – Click Here

Months after winning his first French Open Djokovic suffered a huge set back today after loosing his match in Paris. If Murray can make it to the finals he will most likely claim the number one spot in the world which seemed impossible not too long ago. With Djokovic out some of the allure is lost in Paris but it does put more pressure on Murray which should be fun.

Paris Djovoic

How did Grade Schooler’s Set off a Tennis Revolution  – Click Here

Tennis like any other sports goes through ups and downs and different trends take over. It was very interesting to see how young kids in grade school played such a big part in the direction of where tennis is heading. If you have a second this article could be a very cool read.

Grade school TEnnis

The SEC and Tennis – Click Here

A lot of people think the SEC is just all about football and for the most part that is the most popular sport in the area. However, that does not mean there is nothing else takes time down there. For more information about Tennis and the South East Conference check out the article for more information.


11/3 Tennis News

Top Ranking Not a Priority for Top Tennis Players –Click Here

According to Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic the number one ranking in tennis is not a huge priority for them. Andy Murray has a great chance of leaving the ATP Masters 1000 in Paris with a number one ranking which is currently held by Djokovic. Read this article for more news.

Tennis Has Other Benefits – Click Here

Tennis has lasting effects in all walks of life. Check out this article about how it helps boost tourism during lower travel months. Slower months of January or February will be boosted in Maui by two big tennis tournaments.

Players Getting Ready for Big Tournament in Paris – Click Here

The biggest players in the world are getting ready for the tournament in Paris. With Murray and Djokovic headlining it should a big tournament with many exciting stories.