Chase Rubin Predictions On French Open 2017


Chase Rubin is a passionate tennis fan who hails from greater Philadelphia. He can’t wait for Roland Garros as he is looking to bet his money on Rafael Nadal to make a comeback, just like what Roger Federer did at the Australian Open. Read his analysis below:

With Roger Federer defying crowd expectations at the Australian Open, the question on every tennis fan’s mind now is: who will reign supreme at Roland Garros in May?

If betting favorites are any indication, then Andy Murray is the unanimous favorite with odds pegged by bookies at 4:1. Next in line are Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka, Rafael Nadal, and finally, Roger Federer, respectively.

As a huge tennis fan, I find the ranking a little surprising; I would rank Wawrinka higher given his explosive performance last year at the US Open. There’s no saying whether these bookies are tennis fans themselves, which might give their predictions some credibility as well. To my mind, it’s a close call between Djokovic and Wawrinka. However, just like how the Australian Open panned out, no tennis fan should underestimate the “impossible” from happening, which is to see the Spanish King of Clay make a huge comeback.

In the spirit of discussion, it must be noted that every time Rafael Nadal lost at the Australian Open, he went on to win the French Open. While it’s been years since he last won a Grand Slam, Rafa still has it in him to make another finals appearance at Roland Garros, in my opinion. This is because, not only will he be playing on his favorite court surface, but he also gave Roger Federer a run for his money at the Australian Open, pushing the match to five sets.

If you ask me, one reason why Murray seems to be the heavy favorite right now is because of his play style on clay, which is more defensive than offensive. It’s worked in the past but I think he would have to be extremely lucky not to run into either Djokovic or Rafa early on, which could very well translate into an early exit for him.

As for Roger Federer, if he ends up winning Roland Garros, then the win would likely end all debates about him being the GOAT (greatest of all time) or not. He’ll also add another feather to his cap for having won Grand Slam titles on all court surfaces twice, something his greatest rivals have not achieved yet.

In the end, everything is up in the air. The Swiss Maestro has said he would much rather play on his favorite grass court in Wimbledon and then proceed to the US Open, but a fan can hope. After all, that’s the only thing we fans had to hold onto as his critics belittled him early on in the Australian Open.

The French Open officially kicks off in May. Until then, anything can happen! What do you think? Who will win Roland Garros? This is Chase Rubin; feel free to stay tuned to my blog!