The Best Tennis Players of All Time 

John Mcenroe


While he was number on the list I procured these players from ( He is one of the players I am very familiar with because of his attitude on the court. It is that same attitude that has given him the ability to stay relavant in pop culture and probably is one of the most famous retired players to this current generation. But based on skill alone his passion and record definitely earn him a spot on this list.

Pete Sampras

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Pete Sampras is the one player I remember growing up that was always winning tournaments. I remember thinking how could someone be so good at one individual sport. Not only did he have the skill but unlike John Mcenroe he actually had the temperament to go along with it. Being the best is not all about skill its like acting like you have been there before and that is what takes you to the next level.

Steffi Graf

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She has been described as one of the most consistent players man or women of her generation. She dominated on all courts no matter if it was hard court, grass and clay. Her 22 grand slams prove that she can back up these claims as well. She also spent 377 weeks ranked as number on which is a record.

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Some may call her one the best Tennis player of all time regardless of sex. Her serve was her ultimate weapon and no player man or women could stop that and her record and grand slams prove that. But her game did not stop with her serve she was unrelenting with her quest to be the best player on the court at any given time. She has a total of 22 grand slams and will go down as one of the best tennis players of all time.