Chase Rubin is an established real estate development professional who works in multiple regions throughout the country.

As a proven industry professional, Chase credits his successes to a guiding philosophy that focuses on fostering strong relationships with the client and a serious commitment to staying well-informed of the constant changes within the market. Chase is located in the greater Philadelphia area and loves being part of the community and shaping the developments that happen locally. Chase is invested in other properties across the country, however his main goal is to improve communities and provide exceptional service to his clients. Chase loves finding new ways of communicating and interacting with his clients. He believes this tactic is a way to build a basis of friendship that underlies the business friendship. Chase values the importance of an open and honest communication between clients.

In addition to his passion for real-estate, Chase is a tennis enthusiast.
Tennis has proven to be a very important sport for Chase Rubin. It has been his sport of choice for as long as he can remember. After his parents introduced the sport to their young son, Chase was rarely without his racket. Once he understood the basics of the sport, Chase was captivated by the skill, focus and strategy required to play successfully. Whether he was playing singles or doubles, Chase was instantly in his element as soon as he set his foot on the court. Chase credits his early maturity, perseverance, confidence from playing tennis. As a young adult, Chase was always refining his game through rigorous practices and a disciplined and consistent approach training.

Chase credits his early involvement with tennis as the foundation for building such a strong work-ethic as well as learning to trust intuition and be confident. Many tennis matches can relate to dealing with clients in the real estate development world. Both aspects take mental focus, clarity, and concentration on the other player to truly perform well. Chase advocates for all parents to encourage their kids to try a plethora of sports, but to especially keep tennis in mind. Tennis is a wonderful sport to play at any age and it’s best to start young so all the enormous benefits are reaped. one thing Chase noticed as he was growing up was that the lessons he learned in tennis could be applied to any area of his life. Tennis deals with a central issue, or an opponent, as well as dealing with strategy to get something (an object; the ball) to do what you want it to do (land in the correct area of the opposing player’s side of the court). On top of that, playing tennis from an early age also cultivated a strong sense of sportsmanship and a “team-player” mentality in Chase.

Due to Chase Rubin’s demanding professional life, his schedule allows for very little time to play tennis. However, he does play recreationally whenever his schedule will allow it and when he does he is always rejuvenated and relaxed. Chase plays tennis when he needs to find an answer to a problem; whether it be for personal or professional reasons. Being on the court gives Chase an immense sense of calm and resets his mind. Not only does he love to play, he loves to watch tennis too. Chase also makes a point to follow the news from the world of professional tennis and tune in for international games.Chase grew up watching tennis games with his grandfather and that’s where his initial interest in tennis originated.

This time of year is particularly exciting for tennis enthusiasts considering the schedule of the Grand Slam events. Grand Slams are the four largest tennis tournaments in the world and begin in January with the Australian Open. Next up is the French Open which usually takes place in May/June. Immediately following the French open is Wimbledon which takes place in June/July in London and is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The final slam of the tennis season takes place during the end of August and beginning of September at the U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens, New York.

Chase hopes to reach out to others with the many various health, mental and emotional benefits he has gained from playing tennis on a regular basis. Tennis is one of the healthiest sports to play at any age. It is especially recommended for people who need to improve blood circulation, muscle tone, and agility. Not only does tennis have immense physical benefits, including weight loss and reducing the risk of diabetes, tennis also offers mental health benefits as well. Tennis is a game that requires true confidence and perseverance.

The game of tennis teaches players how to focus, strategize, and perform within milliseconds of a stimulation in the game. Tennis also asks of it’s players to know your opponent. Being able to read an opposing player’s’ moves, thought processes and decisions is something that gets many famous, world-champion tennis players to perform higher than the rest. Emotionally, tennis requires its participants to be in the moment and act as well as react to what is happening at that moment. There is not any moment where one can stop, think, and smell the roses. A tennis player must be on their feet and ready to go at all times. Also on an emotional level, many players try to affect their opponent’s psyche by intimidation. This can be done with reputation, general presence, and game strategy style.

On this site, Chase intends to share tips to help others improve their overall game, as well as discuss current topics relevant to tennis.

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